Shoot Perfect Practical Carry Course

KICKS 105 has teamed up with Shoot Perfect to give away a Practical Carry Course.  This course is the most popular course that Shoot Perfect offers.  This course offers training for real life situations you may encounter in the world. To help you be more situationally aware.
We will go over actual events that have happened in the US so you can be a better-prepared carrier in this world. Must wear what you normally wear on a daily basis. This is a very intense course and will make you think about your everyday life so come prepared to learn. Needed- your carry firearm, dress as you would in your daily life, 300 rounds, and eye and ear protection.

We will draw for this giveaway on Wednesday, October 18th during the Merrell in the Morning Show.  Take advantage of the different ways to register to increase your odds of winning.

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